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Infogroup Launches New Intent Data Capability

Infogroup, provider of data and data-driven marketing solutions, has launched a new intent data feature within its Data Axle offering, a real-time data delivery tool. The feature is designed to combine intent datawith Infogroup’s known business data to support account-targeting strategies via real-time API feeds.

New Dun & Bradstreet Offering Aims To Identify Buyer Intent

Dun & Bradstreet, a global provider of business decisioning data and analytics, announced the availability of D&B Buyer Intent, which is designed to enable B2B marketing and sales teams to identify signals from companies in the market to purchase. Early detection of digital signals increases the timeliness, relevancy and impact of an organization’s go-to-market strategy, according to a company statement.

First Steps With Intent Data? Start With Sales

1mikeburtonMarketing and sales are now firmly data-driven practices, pushing leaders to find data sources and insights that can give them an edge and grow their revenue. As a result, intent data — which measures the interest of a prospect in a product or service — is growing in popularity, especially in B2B circles.

Balancing Personalization & Privacy Through Relevant, Transparent Communication

Personalization — to no surprise — continues to be a buzzword in marketing, in both the B2B and B2C industries. Yet B2B organizations are still trailing behind their B2C counterparts in terms of delivering a meaningful personalized experience. However, B2B marketers are beginning to leverage all the new and existing data at their disposal — whether through progressive profiling or intent signals — to be more relevant in their messaging and maintain a healthy balance between personalization and privacy.

2020 Customer Experience Outlook Guide: Reinventing The Martech Stack For The New Year & Beyond

The foundations of marketing and sales automation have positioned B2B businesses to scale for growth, leading to a newer focus on better experience management to personalize messaging and build authentic relationships.

Marketing and sales teams, as well as the solution providers that enable them, have been pivoting extensively to move to the next stage of marketing automation — ultimately going beyond individual leads to having a holistic, 360-degree view of the customer that empowers them to make better business decisions. This shift has also led to a higher focus on tools and tactics such as intent data, conversational marketing, AI and more — to further refine and customize the buying journey.

Read on to learn from industry experts and practitioners on what tools, tactics and strategies will amplify the customer experience in 2020 and beyond. Topics of discussion include:

  • The current state of customer experience in the B2B marketplace and how they see companies evolving their go-to-market efforts over the next couple of years;
  • How customer intelligence will impact sales and marketing teams;
  • The new role marketing automation and CRM solutions will play in a customer-driven world; and
  • The technologies that will have the greatest impact on B2B companies and their ability to offer customer centric experiences.

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