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Marketing Performance Metrics 2.0: B2B Brands Focus On Pipeline Velocity, Activity Across Buying Stages And Campaigns

Marketing performance measurement is an ongoing challenge for many B2B brands. For example, our research shows 87% of B2B companies ranked marketing measurement and reporting as a growing priority, but more than half (58%) said their current ability to track marketing performance “needs improvement” or worse. Progressive companies such as Iron Mountain and ServiceMax are succeeding by moving beyond baseline metrics to analyze pipeline velocity and track marketing performance across various stages and campaigns.

GoodData Adds New Features To Its Partner Ecosystem

gooddata logoGoodData, a provider of cloud-based platform and apps, has expanded its partner offerings to enable them to build, promote and sell their own customized pre-built business analytics tools, called Bashes, on the GoodData BashMarketplace. These Bashes are created by partners and customers to meet their individual needs.

Bashes include integrations, reports, analytics, key performance indicators (KPIs) and best practices rolled into a visually appealing user experience, as noted in a company press release. GoodData Bashes allow companies to collect and process data from multiple sources, and use the insights to engage with prospects from any device.

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