10Fold’s MetricsMatter 4.0 Dashboard Aims To Streamline KPI Collection To Optimize Strategies

Published: July 25, 2023

10Fold is a North American integrated communications agency designed to create thought leadership and build brand value for B2B ‘Deep Tech’ companies.

The Lowdown

MetricsMatter 4.0™ is a dashboard that summarizes both communications and marketing results to deliver insights for marketing leaders.

Back-Of-The-Box Details

The MetricsMatter 4.0 application is designed to deliver updated results in real-time and allows individuals to isolate specific campaign results by selecting specific date ranges. Now, marketing executives will not have to:

  • Wait for manual reports;
  • Update static PowerPoint presentations; or
  • Log into multiple monitoring applications to get an overview of their marketing programs.

Who It’s For

With MetricsMatter, marketing leaders can better optimize strategies, maximize resources and take action based on real-time data. Designed for maximum visibility, the MetricsMatter application allows clients to import any marketing reports or dashboards with open APIs into the dashboard — giving them access to all critical marketing KPIs in one place.

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What It Solves

Communication and public relations firms send monthly reports to clients on their activities, but the reports are often delivered in formats like PowerPoint or Word. To gain insights, the internal marketing team must manually compare data from different tools, which can be time-consuming. MetricsMatter 4.0 offers a solution by allowing executives to view and compare results based on any date range.

What Makes It Special

With MetricsMatter, marketers can:

  • Demonstrate real-time progress of communications and marketing initiatives;
  • Compare results alongside the corresponding web analytics with the ability to drill down into results that created traffic spikes;
  • Evaluate campaigns for impact across multiple channels; and
  • Compare key metrics against competitors.



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