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This section highlights the latest trends and tactics gaining traction among B2B marketers, provided with key insights and commentary from reputable thought leaders.

State Of Database Strategies In 2024: Practitioners Restructuring Data Collection To Prioritize ‘Opt-In’ Methods

Data serves as the foundational pillar for all sales and marketing endeavors, and the absence of first- and third-party insights would leave practitioners formulating campaigns and devising strategies with nothing more than hope. Recognizing the critical importance of data management, activation and quality, professionals are redirecting their attention to refining…

Analyzing The Impact Of Google Chrome's Third-Party Cookie Phase-Out

The funeral proceedings for third-party cookies started on Jan. 4, 2024, when Google Chrome started restricting data usage for 1% of its users. With the elimination of these third-party insights, B2B marketers are contending with reduced targeting accuracy, limited attribution and measurement and data compliance risks.

#B2BMX 2024 Preview: The Roadmap To Revenue Revealed

The road to hell might be paved by good intentions, but the road to excellent marketing is paved by attendance at the B2B Marketing Exchange (#B2BMX). This year’s event, which takes place in Scottsdale, Ariz., will feature a roadmap consisting of hands-on and actionable marketing sessions to help B2B practitioners…
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