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Industry Insights

This section highlights the latest trends and tactics gaining traction among B2B marketers, provided with key insights and commentary from reputable thought leaders.

SMBs Make Automated Nurtures, Segmentation Top Priorities

B2B marketers for small and mid-sized businesses are short on time and resources, so they are focused on marketing tactics such as email marketing that produce measurable results. In fact, all of the SMBs that spoke to Demand Gen Report use email as a primary way to engage with prospects…

Content And Data Fuel B2B Inbound Marketing Strategies

Industry experts report that B2B marketers are tackling their inbound marketing initiatives with the help of relevant, contextual content to provide B2B buyers the information they need to move along their buying journey. Ultimately, these data-driven clues position B2B sales teams with leads that are most likely to convert.

Demandbase Launches B2B Data Cloud, Adds Job Function Targeting

Demandbase unveiled its B2B Data Cloud, a platform designed to combine the company's network IP address identification technology with behavioral data located in the user's current data management system. The new Data Cloud positions Demandbase customers to enhance their display ad targeting capabilities and create personalized messaging for prospective buyers.
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