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AdRoll Group Looks To Strengthen B2B Offerings With Growlabs Acquisition

Source: RollWorks Source: RollWorks

AdRoll Group, a growth platform company, has acquired Growlabs, a B2B lead generation and sales automation provider. The company said the acquisition will be used to bolster AdRoll Group’s identity graph and data capabilities.

AdRoll Group aims to enhance its ABM and B2B marketing growth platform, RollWorks, with Growlab’s B2B database. It also plans to expand the platform’s multi-channel engagement features, including the ability to identify prospects who display high fit and intent, as well as trigger automated sales sequences for ABM campaigns.

“The capabilities the Growlabs team brings will enable us to provide richer data and actionable insights to our B2B customers, accelerating their revenue growth,” said Toby Gabriner, CEO of AdRoll Group and President of RollWorks, in a statement.

“Our mission has always been to help marketers grow fast — a mission we share with AdRoll Group,” said Ben Raffi, CEO of Growlabs, in a statement. “Together, we’ll accelerate marketers’ ability to drive revenue. The data and multi-channel capabilities we can offer B2B customers with RollWorks today, and in new product development going forward, will be a game changer for B2B marketers.”