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Demandbase Launches B2B Online Advertising Platform

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, a provider of B2B marketing technology solutions, today announced a new online ad-targeting service designed for the business-to-business market.

The company's Demandbase Company-Targeted Advertising platform will allow B2B advertisers to deliver online ads tailored to specific companies or to groups of companies that match particular attributes. The platform also includes measurement and performance analysis tools.

According to a company news release, ads may be targeted based on specific B2B accounts; on a target company's stage in the advertiser's sales funnel; or on corporate attributes such as industry type, revenue, size or geography. The Demandbase platform can deliver targeted ads through the use of the company's Real Time Identifcation Service, which uses a database of corporate IP addresses to determine when and how to serve ads.

Advertisers may also incorporate CRM data, lead status or other attributes to target ads. A new prospect, for example, might view an ad that includes a different product offer than an ad served to a prospect farther down the pipeline. The Demandbase platform also allows advertisers to personalize ads with a target company's name, industry-specific information, or other specific attributes.

“I see customers wasting more than 90% of their ad spend hoping to attract high potential businesses to their web site falling vastly short of those goals. The reality is that there are millions of companies overall, but B2B sales organizations generally know only target a few thousand of those companies have the potential to become revenue. Those are horrible odds,” said Chris Golec, founder and CEO, Demandbase.

“Our zero-waste approach gives marketers the precision they need to target the exact company or audience segments they want, changing the game for the underserved B2B advertiser.”

The Demandbase advertising platform will use ad inventory acquired through exchanges such as Google and RightMedia, or through direct relationships with independent online publishers. Advertisers will be able to track engagement on a per-account basis, allowing them to link ad campaigns to revenue and other performance metrics.