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Great Hill Partners Acquires ZoomInfo

Great Hill Partners, a Boston-based private equity firm that focuses on investments in high growth mid-market companies, has announced the acquisition of B2B database software company ZoomInfo.

Yonatan Stern, ZoomInfo’s CEO, stated that the acquisition will help accelerate the company’s growth and maintain its competitive advantage. "[ZoomInfo] will continue to focus on delivering value to our rapidly expanding base of thousands of satisfied and loyal customers,” he said. “We invest heavily in growing and improving our data assets, and in product innovation to deliver a wealth of information where and when our customers need it.”

Christopher Gaffney, Managing Partner for Great Hill Partners, will join ZoomInfo’s board of directors.

"We are enthusiastic about our new investment in ZoomInfo,” said Christopher Gaffney, Managing Partner at Great Hill Partners, in a statement. “In the evolving market of data-driven solutions for sales and marketing, we see a significant growth opportunity for ZoomInfo, and trust that with its current track record, strong product innovation and efficient operations they will continue to dominate the market.”