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Infogroup Targeting Solutions Unveils New Integrated Marketing Database

Infogroup Targeting Solutions
yesterday introduced Sapphire, an integrated marketing database powered by the company's Data Axle real-time data platform. Sapphire is designed to provide B2B marketers with multichannel engagement tools such as analytics, email, online advertising and lead generation.

Among the Sapphire prospect data offerings are new selections including: buying authority, software on site, hardware on site, area of work and government level. Sapphire is derived from over 350 response lists that combine Infogroup Targeting Solutions' high-quality data with a variety of additional sources from premier U.S. data providers that have been handpicked and invited to participate.

"Sapphire brings a unique combination of business professionals, selectivity and channel reach into one superior database,” noted Jeff Adee, SVP B2B List Services Group at Infogroup Targeting Solutions. “It is the perfect solution for marketers who want to increase conversion rates, perform lead generation, enhance current data files, reactivate customers and much more."

On June 28, Infogroup Targeting Solutions also announced that the company had expanded its core sales division with several key hires: Enterprise Sales VP, Heather Baynes; Sales Director, Sandra Jones; Business Development VP, Bob Lewis; and Data Sales Manager, Steve Perks.