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Lusha Launches Solution To Help Increase CRM Accuracy

Lusha, a B2B data community and sales intelligence platform, released Salesforce Data Enrichment (SFDE), an automated enrichment solution designed to enable users to continuously supplement their Salesforce contact and company database's with fresh and relevant data.

According to Salesforce research, 90% of CRM database contacts are incomplete, with 20% of records found to be useless. This includes 74% of records requiring updates and more than 25% found to be duplicates. The SFDE solution seeks to address those issues by integrating Lusha’s platform — which features more than 100 million business profiles, 60 million email addresses, 50 million direct dials and 15 million company profiles — into Salesforce’s database.

Key features of SFDE include:

  • Automated data enrichment;
  • Audience-based rules and filters to define audience qualification criteria based on user-specific needs;
  • Data-driven recommended enrichment templates based on users' Salesforce and sales activity; and
  • Full access to the leaders in B2B contact and company data.

"Companies spend huge amounts of resources building CRMs of both current and prospective leads, but suffer from the speed the data becomes outdated and irrelevant," said Yoni Tserruya, CEO and Co-founder of Lusha, in a statement. "B2B sales organizations rely on their CRM to identify the right prospects, so when this data is incomplete or inaccurate, their time is wasted and opportunities are lost. With our new SFDE solution, sales teams are given direct access to Lusha's extensive database of accurate contact and company information to automatically enrich their existing data and gain new insights on their prospects to scale business results."