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New Research: Only 18% Of Marketers Currently Using AI Solutions

Demandbase Adoption Status of AI for MarketingAI adoption is on the rise as more use cases in the B2B marketplace highlight the benefits of AI in various aspects of go-to-market strategies. According to new research from Demandbase, Salesforce Pardot and Demand Metric, less than one-fifth (18%) of marketers are leveraging AI solutions, while 66% are planning to use, evaluating or currently implementing AI solutions.

The research, which surveyed more than 100 marketers, also shows that:

  • The biggest barriers to AI implementation and usage are cost/budget (55%), skills/team (52%) and unsure how to start (31%);
  • The anticipated benefits include higher lead quality (67%), better engagement (56%) and better understanding of buyer intent (52%); and
  • Among the marketers who use AI solutions, more than 40% say it is one of, if not the most important investment for better sales and marketing performance.

“We’re still in the early days of AI for B2B marketing and sales, and there is a great deal of education that is needed to close the gap between implementation and expectations,” said Peter Isaacson, Demandbase CMO, in a statement. “It’s exciting to see the optimism that exists in the B2B marketing community. As early adopters continue to have success, AI adoption will continue to accelerate and AI solutions will become table stakes for all marketing and sales teams.” 

An abridged version of the report is currently available, and the companies said full results will be explored during a webinar on Wednesday, April 24.