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Oracle Adds Automation, Data And Content Features To Its Marketing Cloud

Oracle Marketing Cloud announced it has unveiled three additional marketing automation and content marketing capabilities to its platform.

The three new features — named Content Portal, Program Canvas and Responsive Content Editor — were designed to help personalize cross-channel customer experiences, according to Oracle. The new Content Portal enables marketing and sales to locate and leverage content in a single location. The Program Canvas will help marketers manage and maintain database accuracy. Oracle said it also comes with a feature called the Listener Framework, an AI tool that analyzes changes in scoring models, forms and contact information to help users better understand buyer behaviors.

The third feature, the Responsive Content Editor, will also provide users insight into prospective buyer behaviors, but it will not be available to Oracle Marketing Cloud customers until 2017, according to the company.

"With the latest additions to Oracle Eloqua and Oracle Content Marketing, Oracle is empowering marketers to quickly create and share compelling content across their organization and reduce the number of steps required to identify and pursue new leads," said Stephen Streich, Senior Director of Product Management at Oracle Marketing Cloud, in a statement.