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Sendoso & Alyce Team Up To Create ‘Largest’ Gifting Solution

Sendoso & Alyce Team Up To Create ‘Largest’ Gifting Solution LIGHTFIELD STUDIOS —

Sendoso, a sending platform, and Alyce, a corporate gifting platform, entered an asset purchase agreement that will combine the personalization power, automation capabilities, smarts and global scale behind the two strategic gifting companies. 

Kris Rudeegraap, CEO of Sendoso, explained in a blog post that the company will infuse its AI functionality into Alyce’s recipient-first personalization capabilities to:

  • Automatically trigger personalized smart sends based on sending data and social signals;
  • Customize the recipient experience; and
  • Incorporate strategic gifting into campaigns on a global scale.

“We built this category and now, after learning from hundreds of thousands of users and tens of millions of gifts sent, we’re building the future of AI-enhanced, hyper-personalized gifting,” wrote Rudeegraap in the post. “From one-person startups to Fortune 100 enterprises, we have a solution for every team and company size. We’ve joined forces to create the largest and only gifting solution you will ever need, with the most robust gifting dataset and the security, privacy, governance, scale and service levels you require."