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SugarCRM Unveils New AI Model For SugarPredict Platform

SugarCRM, a customer experience platform, enhanced the capabilities of its SugarPredict platform with artificial intelligence (AI) and automation. The updates seek to facilitate rapid and reliable marketing lead qualification and prioritization through AI-powered predictive lead scoring.

The platform’s new capabilities include:

  • Spotlighting all relevant customer information, including past, present and even future actions, with predictive insights for informed decision-making;
  • Automatically capturing data and presenting it in context to the internal teams that need it; and
  • Integration with users’ existing needs and workflows.

“Extending SugarPredict to marketing automation is another proof point for our value proposition of letting the platform do the work,” said Craig Charlton, CEO of SugarCRM, in a statement. “Talking with companies from manufacturing to financial services, we hear the same frustrations again and again about the high maintenance required by their CRM. Our industry is supposed to make the customer experience easier to manage with technology. It’s time to make customer experience technology easier to manage, too.”