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Is Responsive Design Killing Content Marketing?

Boaz Grinvald BrightInfoBy Boaz Grinvald, CEO, BrightInfo

According to the 2014 B2B Content Marketing Research by Content Marketing Institute (CMI) and MarketingProfs, 93% of B2B marketers create content, and therefore need to mobile-optimize their content marketing strategy. Responsive design — the design methodology of web sites that automatically adapt to the device or screen resolution at hand — can affect how content offers are displayed.

Study: Short, Personalized Subject Lines Boost Email Open Rates

shutterstock 157266884-300x200All types of businesses use email as a way to establish ongoing dialogue with customers and prospects. But crafting effective email marketing campaigns requires a successful blend of art and science.

Through an analysis of more than 260 million emails delivered across 540 campaigns, Retention Science, a retention marketing solution provider, discovered that email subject lines that are between six and 10 words perform the best with a 21% open rate. Contrary to this finding, the majority (52%) of emails today have 11- to 15-word subject lines, and in turn, only garner a 14% open rate. Campaigns studied by Retention Science involved retailers in specialty goods, apparel, baby products, flash sales, whose and nutritional supplements, among others.

Salesfusion Raises $8.25M In Funding

salesfusion logo1Marketing automation vendor Salesfusion received $8.25 million in Series B backing to continue the growth it experienced in 2013, when the company more than doubled its revenue and gross profits. The funding also will be used to build a new headquarters in Atlanta.

Ifbyphone Secures Additional $9M In Funding

Ifbyphone logoIfbyphone, a voice-based marketing automation solutions provider, announced that it has raised an additional $9 million from investors. The announcement brings the company’s total to more than $30 million in venture capital funding.

The funding will be used to help further lengthen its client-base. With 70% of mobile searchers calling a business directly from search results — according to a 2013 study by Google — voice-based marketing automation is still a requirement for many SMBs.

Thoughtful Curation, Organization Can Boost Impact Of Content

webinars shutterstock 134249441Content marketing has become common practice with 93% of B2B marketers using some form of content marketing, according to research from the Content Marketing Institute (CMI). While more than half (58%) believe that their content marketing efforts are ineffective, they are still making significant investments in producing large amounts of content.

In a recent webinar, executives from TreeHouse Interactive, a SaaS provider of marketing automation and PRM software, and CMI came together to discuss some strategies to increase the effectiveness of content marketing.

ActiveCampaign Boosts Functionality Of Its Email Marketing Software

ActiveCampaign logoActiveCampaign, an email marketing software provider, announced its users could now manage up to 2,500 contacts for free. According to a company press release, this is a “tenfold increase” over the previous number.

The company has also added full access to other marketing automation features that were once only available to paid subscribers. Users of the servicecan now send as many as 10,000 emails per month with phone, live chat and email support without having to sign up for a payment plan.

What Is A Lead, Anyway?

toddprofileBy Todd Davison, CEO, Demand Frontier

One of the many things I’ve enjoyed over the past 10 years in our industry is the ever-evolving definition of marketing. We’ve gone through concepts such as lead generation, demand generation, revenue performance and content marketing so fast it’s hard to know what to call yourself.

Bizo Scores $12.5 Million In Funding

bizo imageBizo, a provider of business audience marketing technology, has raised $12.5 million in venture debt financing from City National Bank. This round of funding puts Bizo at approximately $30 million in total equity and debt capital. Bizo plans to use the funding to continue its expansion, further build out its technology platform and make strategic investments, according to company officials.

According to Russell Glass, CEO of Bizo, the financing ensures the company is “well capitalized to maintain its leadership position in the B2B online marketing space and is well-positioned to make strategic investments as we continue to build a thriving business.”

Why Funnel Metrics Are Essential To Marketing Operations

Bonnie Corp PictureBy Bonnie Crater, CEO, Full Circle CRM

Funnels are a terrific tool for understanding how a sales and marketing operation works. In fact, when I would join a new company, getting the data and creating the funnel would be one of the first things I would do as the new VP of Marketing. The reason funnels are so critical as a tool is that they provide three pieces of very valuable information which can help you understand where your business is and where you might make investments to improve: Volume, Conversion Rates, and Velocity.

The challenge with the funnel data was that I could never get complete and accurate metrics and of course, as a marketing scientist this annoyed me incredibly.

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