Are You Battling The Buyer-Driven Blues?

ShannonDuffyHeadShotNot too long ago, marketing was just about creating flashy content, drawing a bunch of attention and hoping some of the people you hooked would become your future customers. It was a numbers game. We often relied on buyers who knew they needed — for example — a washing machine, and would go directly to the sales outlet to make a purchase within their price range. We were one of a few choices, and all we had to do was dress it up for the camera.

B2B Technology Adapting To Growing Importance Of Marketing And Sales Alignment

The goal of buyer centricity requires everyone — including marketing, sales and service — to stay aligned for consistent, relevant and resonant experiences with potential customers. At Salesforce Connections 2016 in Atlanta, the topic on speakers’ and attendees’ minds was how technology has begun to help B2B companies align across departments on messaging, company goals and definitions for success.

Why You Shouldn’t Put Off Brokering A Marketing And Sales Peace Treaty

Blizter Adam Salesforce PardotIn today’s always-on world, competition for customer mindshare is at an all-time high. With mile-a-minute social networks, overflowing email inboxes, and more content than it’s even possible to consume, B2B marketers are facing an uphill battle when it comes to standing out. So, how can you reach the potential buyers that you know would be just perfect for your product?

Study: B2B Buyers Open To Relevant Vendor Outreach

Generic Sales HandshakeWhile B2B buyers continue to self educate before interacting with a salesperson, a recent report shows that 83% of respondents said they were receptive to outreach from vendors if the interactions were relevant and contextual.

The study, Selling to the Information Driven Business, was commissioned by Salesforce Pardot and conducted by IDC.

While they are open to more personalized interactions with salespeople, 63% of the 200 businesses surveyed said that they contact sales professionals only when they made a purchase decision.

B2B buyers continue to do a majority of their buying research on their own, the study revealed. Respondents noted that peers and colleagues are the most trustworthy information sources (95%), as well as independent content (86%).

Other findings from the report include:

  • 42% of respondents stated that their purchase decision takes one to three months, while roughly 33% stated their buying decision is four to six months long;
  • When asked to rank what influences purchase decisions, colleagues (38%), industry experts (22%) and relevant vendor content (14%) were impactful; and
  • Almost one quarter (22%) of those surveyed noted that the biggest obstacle to making a purchase decision was that vendors didn't properly understand their needs.

"As B2B marketing and sales continue to evolve, this relevancy is going to become even more critical to success," said Adam Blitzer, SVP and GM for Salesforce Pardot, in a blog post spotlighting the study.

Click here to download a full copy of the report.

Need For Nimble, Customer-Centric Marketing Highlights 2014 Sales Acceleration Summit

Sales Acceleration Summit 2014B2B marketing and sales professionals must work together to meet the ever-changing needs of buyers. To be successful, marketing and sales teams need to personalize their communication with their audiences as they nurture them through the buying cycle.

At the 2014 Sales Acceleration Summit — hosted by — more than 20,000 marketing and sales executives virtually gathered to attend roughly 80 presentations, looking to educate attendees on best practices for nurturing leads, optimizing the sales and marketing relationship and leveraging content throughout the sales funnel.

An SMB Marketer’s Guide To Purchasing Marketing Automation

E-Book drop shadow 250px 1

Organizations of all sizes can reap the rewards of marketing automation, but SMBs often put marketing automation on the back burner because their resources are stretched. This step-by-step guide walks entrepreneurs through the process of purchasing and implementing a marketing automation system.

When used effectively, marketing automation can help SMB marketers generate and qualify sales leads, shorten sales cycles and demonstrate marketing accountability.

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