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RollWorks Releases Sales Insights Tool For ABM Platform

RollWorks, an ABM platform, announced the launch of Sales Insights, a new tool within the company’s Account-Based Platform for sellers. Sales Insights is designed to identify statistically significant spikes of account-based activity, such as website engagement and advertising click signals, and surface alerts directly in Salesforce and via daily email digest updates.

No Playbook, No Problem: 3 Steps To (Re)build Pipeline In 2020

Jodi HeadshotWe’re all familiar with the usual content flow for the first quarter of the year. It’s usually chock-full of titles such as “How to do XYZ in 2020” or “5 Top XYZ Trends for 2020,” — the list goes on. Hey, we did it too, because the first quarter is usually a good time to reset and refocus priorities. But all that first-quarter advice has come to a screeching halt, and to be honest, we’ve been left with no real playbook to win in 2020.

#COSeries Recap: Empathy, ABM & Data-Driven Digital Campaigns Become Top Priorities For B2B Strategies In New Reality

With in-person engagement on hold this spring and possibly into summer, B2B marketers continue to pivot their strategies to make up for lost leads, maintain relationships with clients and attract new business. These new challenges present an opportunity for marketers to dig deep and come up with innovative ways to engage with prospects and customers.

RollWorks Joins LinkedIn Partner Program

RollWorks, the ABM platform, announced an integration with LinkedIn Marketing Solutions that aims to help B2B marketers to launch, optimize and report on their account-based activities across both platforms. By integrating LinkedIn ads with RollWorks’, B2B marketers will be positioned to effectively target and engage priority accounts and measure results all in one place.

RollWorks’ Account-Based Platform Launches Account Scoring Capabilities

RollWorks’ new account scoring capabilities expand upon the company’s account-based platform and identification solution. The account scoring feature is designed to enable account-based sales and marketing teams to score and prioritize target account lists using a predictive machine learning model, which is positioned to score accounts based on firmographic and technographic fit characteristics. 

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