RollWorks Releases Open Beta of Contact Insights

Published: November 9, 2022

RollWorks, an ABM platform and division of NextRoll, announced the beta version of Contact Insights, a capability designed to help B2B sales teams prioritize and develop more personalized and refined account-based strategies.

Contact Insights works to surface contact-level data (name, email, title and department) in a single source of truth and seeks to add contacts directly to a sales sequence from within Sales Insights to help sales teams:

  • Streamline prospecting by accessing account and contact-level data in one place, with upcoming innovations that include additional first-party activity data;
  • Take timely action by adding contacts to a sales sequence from their CRM;
  • Get more responses by prioritizing contacts and personalizing messaging for each persona; and
  • Identify gaps in the buying committee and determine contacts needed to get multi-threaded;

The release of Contact Insights builds on RollWorks’ recent integration with, a sales execution platform. The companies teamed up in late October to help organizations take timely action by adding contacts directly to an Outreach sequence right from their CRM.

“Sales’ ability to deeply segment allows them to be more compelling and relevant with the entire buying team based on where they are in the sales process, but also on stakeholder goals, challenges and success measures,” said Shawn Cook, VP of New Business Sales at RollWorks, in a statement. “With Contact Insights and the Outreach integration, sellers can move prospects into sequences by fit and behaviors based on what’s happening in the sales cycle. Imagine sequences for accounts where fewer than three contacts are engaged with the goal of driving consensus. Or triggering a competitive differentiation sequence automatically when a competitor’s name is raised in a call. Who wouldn’t want to trigger digital responses without the manual approach?”

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