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This section highlights the latest products, tools and services that will have an impact on a B2B marketing team's daily initiatives. Fill out our submission form if you think your product is a fit.

Beaconstac’s QR Code Generator Seeks To Improve Customer Experience

Beaconstac is an online platform for creating and managing QR codes. Beaconstac’s primary solution, the QR Code Generator, is built for modern businesses, enabling users to create physical-digital experiences to collect first-party data and drive engagement. Beaconstac’s free QR Code Generator allows users to create and modify custom QR Codes…

Mailgun Launches InboxReady To Improve Email Deliverability

Mailgun by Sinch is an email delivery service company that enables its customers to send, receive and track emails. Mailgun launched its InboxReady by Sinch program, which empowers enterprise marketers to improve email deliverability and optimize campaign performance. InboxReady is built to help marketers maximize the ROI of their email…

6sense Revenue AI Seeks To Align Revenue Teams

6sense, an account engagement platform, released its 6sense Revenue AI program to capture anonymous buying signals, target accounts and recommend the right channels and messages to increase revenue performance. 6sense Revenue AI seeks to align the entire revenue team on goals, data, systems and processes to grow revenue. Applying AI, big data…

Salesloft’s Forecast Aims To Help Predict & Deliver Revenue

Salesloft is the provider of a sales engagement platform designed to help sellers and sales teams drive more revenue. The Modern Revenue Workspace™ by Salesloft is where sellers execute their digital selling tasks, communicate with buyers, understand what to do next and get the coaching and insights they need to…

SugarCRM’s Integrated Playbook Seeks To Boost Productivity & Workflow

SugarCRM provides B2B organizations with campaign engagement and management software to help them better connect with buyers, increase engagement and measure the impact of their marketing initiatives. SugarCRM introduced an integrated “playbook” functionality to support guided selling and advanced CRM process automation.

Terminus Launches Connected Account Experiences Program To Foster Engagement

Terminus is an account-based engagement platform built to deliver more pipeline and revenue through multichannel ABM. The company launched its Connected Account Experiences platform to deliver first-party data that helps users improve engagement with target buyers and drive awareness and influence through connected TV and audio ads.

Scratchpad Launches New Inbox & Deal Alert System Connected To Salesforce

Scratchpad, Inc. is a revenue team workspace that specializes in managing sales teams’ daily tasks. The company announced the availability of the first inbox and deal alert system built for salespeople to cut through the clutter of notifications, often sent through Slack or email, disrupting their day-to-day workflows. The Inbox…
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