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Bizible Launches New Solution To Measure Account-Based Marketing

Bizible has added an account-based marketing (ABM) solution to its platform that enables marketers to link their ABM efforts to revenue and optimize resources.


Marketers can use Bizible’s ABM solution to measure and report on the performance of their investments in terms of revenue. It provides marketers with a full-funnel view of how marketing touch points connect to revenue with account-based attribution on all channels, including mailers, outbound calling and ads.

Additionally, Bizible’s ABM solution offers a predictive engagement score that identifies the accounts that are most likely to convert, as well as those that need more nurturing. This enables members of both the marketing and sales teams to best allocate their resources and maximize their ABM campaign results.


Bizible’s ABM solution is targeted towards CMOs, marketing managers and marketing ops professionals who are looking to measure the revenue impact of their ABM efforts.


Bizible’s ABM solution integrates with CRM platforms to link all marketing touch points to revenue and uncover key indicators of account engagement.


Bizible is a Salesforce App and offers annual contracts based on how many net-new leads marketing sources each year. Pricing starts at $1,500 per month, with plans based on features and number of contacts tracked.


Bizible has more than 200 customers across various B2B industries, ranging from small startups to public companies.


Bizible measures account-based marketing. By connecting all online and offline ABM efforts to revenue and providing an actionable predictive engagement score for every account, Bizible can help companies optimize for growth.


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