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Brainshark Releases Machine Analysis To Improve Sales Coaching Capabilities

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Machine Analysis is an AI-powered engine from Brainshark that is designed to improve sales coaching by augmenting manager feedback to help salespeople improve their performance and results. The engine’s coaching capabilities are positioned to provide automated, rapid insights to ensure salespeople master critical messages before interacting with buyers.


Machine Analysis is designed to process videos submitted through Brainshark’s sales coaching solution of a sales representative pitching a new product, handling common objectives, etc. The engine is positioned to then:

  • Transcribe each video;
  • Generate a score for each submission, factoring in whether sellers adhered to manager-defined parameters such as key topics, speaking rate, low level of filler words and more;
  • Complete an emotion analysis. Machine Analysis is designed to analyze the seller’s facial expressions throughout the video and note the range and frequency of emotions (happy, sad, contempt, etc.); and
  • Deliver personality insights. The engine aims to measure word frequency to determine how often the participant displays traits such as openness, conscientiousness, extraversion and agreeableness.

Machine Analysis is also positioned to send email alerts to sales reps and mangers when feedback is complete. Managers have the option to sort video submissions by the machine score before providing their own manual reviews and feedback through Brainshark’s coaching solution.


Machine Analysis is designed to help sales enablement leaders augment their organization’s coaching program and improve sales performance across all industries, including tech, manufacturing, medical devices and more.


Brainshark integrates with CRM, ERP and other applications within corporate technology stacks. It possesses a flexible IPaaS infrastructure for easy integration within the sales ecosystem. The company also provides integration packages for Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365.


Machine Analysis is an add-on per user license to Brainshark’s SaaS-based sales coaching solution.


Machine Analysis is designed to improve sales coaching and readiness through the power of AI. The engine aims to provide comprehensive, rapid, data-driven insights about reps’ ability to stay on-message and the emotions they exude. By augmenting the feedback managers provide and acting as a “video screener” to give managers a starting point in their own reviews, Machine Analysis is positioned to help sales managers and reps become better at their roles and foster perpetual sales readiness within an organization.


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