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Forrester Decisions Seeks To Help Leaders Understand & Interpret Market Dynamics

Forrester Decisions represents a new option for business and technology leaders who need help solving problems, making decisions and taking action to deliver results. The portfolio combines bold research-based insights and curated models and frameworks with hands-on guidance to ensure that leaders and their teams apply best practices to their specific situation.

Back-Of-The-Box Details

Each Forrester Decisions service brings together three powerful components to give organizations exactly what they need to make progress on their priorities and future plans:

  • Bold vision research: Research such as empowered buying that helps leaders stay ahead of ever-changing markets, economic volatility and the expectations of empowered buyers to deliver on their customer-obsessed strategy;
  • Curated tools and frameworks: Each Forrester Decisions service contains a core set of strategic models designed to help leaders take immediate action on their most pressing priorities. For example, the Forrester B2B Revenue Waterfall is the industry standard for B2B organizations looking to define their demand management process. It helps drive new pipeline and revenue opportunities in current accounts, turn buyers into advocates and fuel demand generation activities such as attracting net-new buyers’ attention and accelerating deal closing; and
  • Hands-on guidance: In guidance sessions, leaders work with Forrester experts to apply frameworks, models and data to their specific context.

Who It's For

The new portfolio will help executives, functional leaders and their teams — across technology, customer experience, B2C and B2B marketing, sales and product management — plan and tackle their most pressing initiatives and priorities for driving growth. For B2B marketing leaders, Forrester offers six Forrester Decision services:

  • B2B Marketing Executives;
  • Marketing Operations;
  • Demand & ABM;
  • Portfolio Marketing;
  • Channel Marketing; and
  • Forrester Market Insights.

What It Solves

Forrester Decisions helps managers and their teams shorten the distance between bold vision and superior business impact. It helps leaders understand and interpret market dynamics and develop a deeper understanding of their customers and competitors, apply proven approaches with confidence and accelerate progress on pressing priorities and develop skills and a shared toolset across teams so they can deliver on their vision. For B2B marketing leaders, these elements drive alignment to customer value across the revenue engine to make a measurable impact on growth, retention and advocacy.

What Makes It Special

Each Forrester Decisions service includes signature customer obsession research along with tools to make customer obsession a reality at an organization. Each of the Forrester Decisions services is expressly built around a unique set of priorities representing an organization’s most pressing opportunities and challenges. Each priority was created based on hundreds of pieces of feedback from clients and potential clients.

Guidance from experts is built into each Forrester Decisions service. Our team gets to know each business, providing thoughtful, timely guidance — from planning to strategy to execution — every step of the way to help achieve organizational outcomes.


Alice Sneary, Director, Portfolio Marketing
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