Miller Heiman Group Unveils Scout Platform To Boost Sales Effectiveness With Predictive Analytics

Source: Miller Heiman Group Source: Miller Heiman Group

Scout, a new sales technology platform from the Miller Heiman Group, is designed to leverage data and analytics to predict which seller actions are the most effective. The platform aims to combine Miller Heiman Groups’ strategic selling methodology with analytics-driven technology to improve sales performance and drive deals.


Scout is designed to use predictive analytics to help sales teams at every level. It is positioned to guide sellers through the Strategic Selling Blue Sheet, an analysis tool for managing complex sales. It aims to recommend next steps in the sales process, as well as help sellers prioritize opportunities, activities and time.

Sales managers can use Scout to gain real-time insights into opportunities and coach their team accordingly. It is positioned to send alerts on deals that need attention, provide personalized advice and generate analytics into sales performance, methodology usage and more.


Scout is designed for all members of a B2B sales team, including sales reps, sales managers and sales leaders.


Scout can be used as a standalone product or it can be integrated into a company’s existing CRM.


Scout is available through a subscription model. Twelve months of access is included for all sales professionals who complete the Strategic Selling with Perspective course.


Customers who participated in the Scout pilot program include Safe Foods and Outland-Carillion.


Scout aims to improve seller performance by providing advanced analytics that show sellers which actions will most likely increase their odds of winning a deal. By combining predictive analytics with CRM systems, Scout is designed to help sales executives enhance sales data accuracy, understand ROI from sales activities and replicate winning strategies.


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