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Scratchpad Launches First Workplace Commenting System

Scratchpad, Inc., provider of workspaces for revenue teams, launched the first workspace commenting system designed and built for sales organizations. Scratchpad’s workspace commenting system aims to eliminate the daunting process of searching for data and messages in Slack and Chatter, while providing the freedom to switch between messaging apps, Salesforce, calendar, email, notes, documents and sheets.

Back-Of-The-Box Details

Scratchpad's workspace commenting system is built for sales. It is designed to fit into existing sales workflows, is accessible where salespeople already work and is instantly connected and synced to Salesforce. Users are relieved of the monotonous switching back and forth between apps, searching across channels and direct messages, waiting for pages to load and cumbersome setup.

Who It's For

Account executives, sales managers and sales leadership are forced to adapt their workflows to these apps. With Scratchpad, sales teams are empowered to communicate and collaborate in a way that fits naturally into their day-to-day workflows.

What Makes It Special

Scratchpad’s workspace commenting system aims to bring the entire sales team together in one unified revenue workspace providing speed, collaboration, ease of use and instant visibility into Salesforce data to eliminate drag on high-performing sales teams.