ANNUITAS Launches Email Deliverability Assessment

ANNUITAS logoANNUITAS announced the availability of its Email Deliverability Assessment, a tool that will help marketers analyze their overall deliverability performance and offer compliance best practices.

The assessment provides a holistic view of an organization’s email deliverability, analyzing content sent by the user in order find areas that create potential concern. Within three business days, users will receive their results so they can educate themselves on areas that need improvement, while also allowing users to quickly resolve potential compliance concerns.

New Email Deliverability Solution Tracks Customer-Level Data Across Platforms

Pivotal Veracity, a leader in multi-channel email optimization solutions, recently announced the launch of MailboxIQ, a patent-pending technology designed to provide customer-level tracking of email deliverability, rendering and reputation across mobile, social, search and traditional Web and software-based email platforms.

MailboxIQ is designed to provide mailers the tools to improve the relevancy and ROI of their campaigns through multi-channel customer-level intelligence into where and how their customers are engaging with their email communications.

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