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SOLUTION SPOTLIGHT is the only Marketing Automation solution that truly “gets” sales.

Genius Provides on-demand solutions for marketing automation, lead nurturing, email marketing, demand generation,  and social marketing that allow both marketing and sales professionals to identify and connect with their best prospects online in real-time, without requiring IT involvement.

Predictions Of Email’s Death Exaggerated, As Channel Serves As Bridge To Social Tools

The Wall Street Journal ran an article last month with the headline, “Why Email No Longer Rules...,” which read like an obituary for email marketing. “Email has had a good run as king of communications. But its reign is over,” the Journal article stated. “In its place, a new generation of services is starting to take hold—services like Twitter and Facebook and countless others vying for a piece of the new world.” Finds Remedy For Online Sales With Content-Driven Email Strategy, one of the top 10 online pet Web sites, according to Nielsen NetRatings, launched its ecommerce platform in 2008. With its launch, the company established a goal of offering a single Web site for recommended pet products ranging from healthcare items to toys, in addition to the company’s core offering of more than 10,000 veterinarian-approved pet health articles. The ecommerce site, which has more than 1 million monthly visitors, is hosted at

Social Networking Pushes Email Marketing Into New Era Of Real-Time Communication

Like everything else digital, email marketing is changing. As the lead generation strategy of choice for many years, it is now being reformed by the dramatic shift to social media as a real-time communication platform. For BtoB companies, the email/social synergy can be a profitable one.

New thinking and new solutions have recently sprouted around the intersection of social networking and email, most notably in a new report from email services provider ExactTarget. Although the company could be hammered by social networks and their ability for its users to bypass email, the company’s research shows the opposite effect.

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