Pipeliner CRM Makes Voyager AI Email Assistant Free for All Users

Published: February 8, 2024

Pipeliner CRM, a sales enablement tool and CRM software, expanded its roster of free applications to include its Voyager AI Email Assistant. Based on an OpenAI model, Voyager AI Assistant seeks to help users create fluent and engaging emails directly in the platform. The feature is available in Standard and Mass Emails, Email Sequences and emails sent via Automatizer. 

The AI Assistant reportedly can:

  • Change the tone and voice of emails;
  • Write emails faster and without error;
  • Lengthen any message instantly;
  • Work across multiple languages;
  • Support talk-to-text functionality; and
  • Summarize a user’s dictation as a paragraph or bullet point.

“Pipeliner CRM is about the perception and performance of the salesperson,” said Nikolaus Kimla, Pipeliner’s CEO, in a statement. “With the recent rise of AI, we saw an immediate opportunity to apply the technology to our platform in a way that makes the sales process more efficient and engaging for salespeople. With the current economic climate, it feels right to offer our Voyager AI Email Assistant to our customers for free, allowing them access to this revolutionary tool to improve their day-to-day communications with no added cost.”

In addition to AI Assistant, other free applications include Pipeliner’s Appointment Scheduler, Appointment Planner, Relationship Mapping Tool, Account Management Tools and Email Sequences Tool.

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