B2B Tech Veterans Launch GTM Partners, A Go-To-Market Analyst Firm

Published: September 13, 2022

Go-to-market (GTM) industry experts Sangram VajreBryan BrownLindsay Cordell and Judd Borakove launched the first data-driven GTM analyst firm, GTM Partners. The industry veterans founded the firm to help marketing, sales, customer success and product marketing teams become revenue leaders by creating transformational GTM strategies in the ever-evolving GTM landscape.

“Throughout our research, we saw a clear spike and change in the way people thought about better ways to GTM when Covid-19 hit,” said Brown, in an exclusive interview with Demand Gen Report. “The factors that led to that spike were companies trying to figure out how to better lead their teams, help their people be more productive while working from home and figure out a new way to drive and create demand in a remote environment. Companies had to push themselves to market in a different way — we saw marketing spend shift from events to communities, point of view content and thought leadership. Our research shows leaderships teams are trying to find solutions to all these changes, and they look to technology and analysts for that information.”

With that in mind, GTM partners seeks to provide vendors and members with access to services such as unlimited analyst/briefing calls, GTM assessments, clarity and alignment workshops, GTM training, advisory on GTM motions and plays, GTM research reports, thought leadership content the re-launch of the MOVE Podcast and more.

Already released is the analyst firm’s Data-Driven Comprehensive Guide To Go-To-Market, which details:

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  • The current state and challenges of GTM;
  • The evolution of marketing and sales functions and their role in GTM;
  • A unifying definition for GTM and the roles and responsibilities of marketing, sales, customer success, product and leadership teams;
  • An eight-pillar GTM Operating System that helps companies approach GTM more holistically;
  • A use-case-based GTM Technology Cloud that helps organizations identify the right tech to support their GTM process; and
  • Key buyer trends that are driving the GTM technology landscape, in partnership with G2.

“GTM has increasingly become more complex over the past two decades,” explained Vajre, in an exclusive interview with DGR. “The metrics have changed, and companies need to evolve their GTM. For the longest time, GTM was only either inbound or outbound, so traditional funnels made sense: But PLG, community and eco-system/channel as new GTM motions exist outside the traditional waterfall and demand gen funnels. This is a unique time in GTM history — the metrics have changed and become more complex, so we want to help solve that.”

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