Bigtincan Introduces New Sales Enablement Automation Platform

Published: October 5, 2017

Bigtincan, a mobile, AI-powered sales enablement solutions provider, has announced the launch of a sales enablement automation platform that leverages AI-driven features and automation to support every stage of the sales and marketing lifecycle.

Called Bigtincan Hub, the platform is designed to deliver a better customer experience that drives improved business results, according to the company. The new release includes an expanded roster of sales enablement automation capabilities that utilize Bigtincan’s AI and machine learning technologies.

The set has also been enhanced with more than 50 new features to empower salespeople to work smarter and faster, including:

  • Adaptive Onboarding, Coaching And Learning, which is designed to deliver formal adaptive learning content that adjusts to users’ personas, roles, skill levels, locations and more;
  • Smart Customer Engagement that features a Smart Share system to measure how customers engage with content;
  • Social Learning And Gamification, which include discussion groups and “deal rooms” that aim to enable teams to discuss sales strategies and link content to specific discussions, and compare skills, actions and outcomes to improve team performance;
  • Deeper Sales And Marketing Alignment through a complete integration with marketing automation and CRM systems. This is designed to optimize ABM programs by associating sales content with marketing campaigns.
  • An open, developer-friendly environment called Bigtincan Add-Ons, which aims to help third-party developers create extensions and new functionality.

“Bigtincan Hub leverages AI and machine learning to make reliable content recommendations, provide social learning opportunities and clearly and quickly assess individual differences and similarities,” said Anthony Turco, CTO of Bigtincan, in a statement. “Our new release helps to optimize sales team performance by increasing speed, while at the same time reducing complexity. Bigtincan Hub does all this at scale so that busy sales executives remain productive through targeted ongoing learning, communication, collaboration and sharing.”

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