Calendly Announces New Scheduling Extensions For LinkedIn

Published: March 28, 2022

Calendly, an online appointment scheduling platform, revealed new browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox to enable users to schedule meetings through LinkedIn messaging. 

Through the integration, Calendly seeks to optimize the scheduling experience and remove friction from toggling between multiple apps when scheduling calls. Calendly users can now click the LinkedIn message compose toolbar within LinkedIn Messaging, Sales Navigator and LinkedIn Recruiter to schedule a one-off meeting, access previously created meeting event types with preset availability or send a Calendly Meeting Poll to find a time that works for a group sync.

“We created our browser extensions to be the quickest, most convenient way to schedule meetings,” said Srinivas Somayajula, Head of Product Operations at Calendly, in a statement. “In a world where time is critical and work happens at lightning speed, we’re now meeting users on LinkedIn — one of the most visited platforms by professionals — to help them take their conversations to the next level.”

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