Corporate Visions Acquires Automated Win-Loss-No Decision Analysis Company

Published: February 22, 2023

Corporate Visions, a revenue growth consulting and services company, acquired Primary Intelligence, a provider of automated customer feedback that helps find and fix the blind spots that cause companies to lose deals and customers. According to a statement from Erik Peterson, Corporate Vision’s CEO, the acquisition will help the company, “make invisible problems visible and provide personalized coaching to individual reps and revenue teams based on how buyers and customers respond.”

Primary Intelligence has analyzed nearly 100,000 B2B purchase decisions for hundreds of companies in 50 different industries over the past 20 years. Leveraging its experience in behavioral outcomes-based surveying and correlating those inputs to purchase behaviors and decisions, Primary Intelligence provides an intelligent, automated database of customer buying insights.

“The value of win-loss-no decision analysis at scale is that you have continuous, near real-time feedback on a higher percentage of accounts for improved insights and confident strategy adjustments across all of your revenue teams,” said Ken Allred, Founder and CEO at Primary Intelligence, in a statement. “But the biggest breakthrough is having the ongoing rep-by-rep, deal-by-deal intelligence to drive situational training and enablement. This eliminates the bias of reps providing their own feedback or requiring managers to review hundreds of hours of call recordings.”

Additionally, Corporate Visions will now have access to ongoing feedback from thousands of deals and customer engagements across different teams in a variety of industries and geographies. This will provide real-time, real-world customer data that can be used by Corporate Visions’ research and advisory business, B2B DecisionLabs, to continually produce research-backed revenue growth insights.

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