DealSignal Partners With Bombora To Deliver Intent-Based Leads

Published: April 3, 2019

DealSignal, a B2B marketing data provider, announced a new partnership and integration with the intent data provider Bombora. The partnership aims to help mutual customers identify leads at accounts that are showing a propensity to buy based on their buying intent.

The partnership and product integrations better position users to collect complete, verified contact and account details — including emails and direct phone numbers — so that marketing and sales teams can reach out to ideal buyers directly and drive more conversions.

Other intended benefits from the partnership include the ability to:

  • Identify net-new, surging accounts that can be added to target lists;
  • Refine results by company size, revenue, industry or location;
  • Support programmatic ABM initiatives with direct outreach;
  • Identify buying teams by understanding surging topics and where prospects are engaging; and
  • Use surging topic insights to understand buyer pain points and topics of interest.

“Intent-based leads help marketing and sales teams drive pipeline by prioritizing target accounts showing intent signals — or discovering net-new accounts that are in market,” said Rob Weedn, DealSignal Founder and CEO, in a statement to Demand Gen Report. “Using the data provided in intent-based leads, marketers can run highly personalized campaigns to active buyers that match their ideal buyer personas, with messaging specifically tuned to their intent topics. Sales teams can use intent-based leads to reach out directly to key target stakeholders in accounts that are showing surging purchase intent for products in their category, and start to influence the decision making process using detailed insights.”

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Charles Crnoevich, Director of Partnerships at Bombora, added in a statement that “combining Bombora’s company surge data with DealSignal’s verified contact and account data ensures that sales and marketing only reach out to the contacts that have signaled interest. By focusing efforts on these leads, B2B companies can minimize their wasted spend and build sustainable organizations.”

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