Demandbase Launches New Enhancements To DSP

Published: October 6, 2022

Demandbase, an end-to-end ABM platform, enhanced the people-based advertising capabilities in its B2B demand-side platform (DSP) to help users prioritize specific individuals (in aggregate), personas and buyer groups to provide “the best of both worlds” in identification and targeting technology.

The first enhancement allows known individuals to be prioritized within a campaign. When users already have first-party contact data for individuals, including names and email addresses, Demandbase will prioritize them whenever an impression opportunity arises. The second enhancement lets users prioritize specific job levels, job functions or a combination of the two to find and target the right individuals.

“Our customers have already created more than 1,000 campaigns using these new people-based advertising capabilities,” said Russell Martin, Director of Product Marketing at Demandbase, in a statement. “Demandbase will continue to innovate and optimize our B2B advertising technology to improve precision and reachability of targeted accounts and individuals, all while staying privacy-conscious.”

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