Demandbase Unveils Real-Time Identification API For Salesforce CRM

Published: September 18, 2012

, a provider of B2B targeting and personalization tools for marketers, has introduced an API designed to integrate its Real-Time Identification solution with the Salesforce CRM platform.

Demandbase Real-Time Identification gathers information and insights on anonymous web site visitors, allowing a marketing organization to learn more about prospects and to offer personalized data targeted to specific companies. With the new API, this data can be pushed directly into Salesforce, making it available to an organization’s sales team.

Once integrated with Salesforce, this data is presented in visual form as an “account pulse” graph for each prospect; intelligence gathered about a web site visitor’s background, business affiliation and online activity gives sales reps advanced notice about the likelihood that a prospect will engage with the company.

The integration also allows a sales team to generate alerts when a key account is active on a company web site and to use the Salesforce Chatter platform to enable social collaboration around these prospects.

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“For years, Salesforce has been the glue between sales and marketing, but there has been no automated way to move key web engagement activity to Salesforce or to alert the sales team when key accounts are active on the site,” said Greg Ott, CMO of Demandbase, in a company news release. “Instead, sales teams have been dependent on marketing staff to provide information about customer and prospect engagements that fall outside of sales responsibilities.”

When Demand Gen Report discussed the release with Demandbase spokesperson Jen Pockell-Wilson, she also emphasized the impact that the new API can have on sales and marketing alignment; as Ott pointed out, the idea is to get a B2B company’s sales and marketing teams on the same page — and to keep them there — through the use of shared prospect intelligence.

Conway also noted that with the Salesforce API release, Demandbase continues to emphasize the importance of identifying and marketing to prospects as named accounts, rather than as individuals. It’s an approach, she said, that allows marketing and sales teams to build more complex profiles of their prospects and to mine prospect data for look-alike customer attributes that can be used to generate additional business.

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