Gong Introduces AI “Ask Anything” Solution

Published: March 26, 2024

Gong, a revenue intelligence platform, released an AI-based query solution across calls and emails, “Ask Anything.” The new feature is designed to surface insights from multiple data sources to help users generate a deeper understanding of key accounts and targets.

Built with Gong’s proprietary generative AI technology that’s trained on more than three billion customer interactions, Ask Anything seeks to produce insights found within calls, account and opportunity histories and interactions with individuals to help users review critical touch points, examine active pipeline opportunities and better understand key accounts and contacts.

“Revenue teams are busier than ever before, but the need to stay up-to-speed and understand their pipelines with precision is just as important,” said Amit Bendov, CEO and co-founder of Gong, in a statement. “Fortunately, AI can help. Ask Anything accurately delivers the granularity of information that teams need to make key decisions about their revenue strategies. This has the potential to transform how revenue teams engage, support and nurture customers and prospects.”

News Flashback

Ask Anything marks Gong’s latest foray into the world of AI-powered and -enabled technologies, as the company released several AI innovations over the past two years.

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Call Spotlight

In Oct. 2023, the company released Call Spotlight, a gen AI solution that seeks to provide revenue teams with highly relevant, secure and accurate summaries and next steps from customer interactions. Call Spotlight leverages Gong’s existing dataset and, according to the company, includes the industry’s first generative AI information querying capability designed specifically for sales interactions.

Snowflake Partnership

Gong debuted an integration with Snowflake, a data cloud company, to help provide customer-facing teams with unfiltered, AI-enriched customer data for a complete picture of revenue performance and health. Through the partnership, Gong can securely share data from its Reality Platform in an analytics-ready structure directly to a customer’s Snowflake instance in minutes, with no code required. Customers can then combine the data with other critical inputs, analyze and create visualizations in business intelligence tools and surface insights.

User-Trainable AI System

Smart Trackers are a user-trainable AI system that seeks to provide a deep understanding of customer conversations. The solution is designed to help customer-facing teams identify deal risk and opportunity, understand the effectiveness of strategic initiatives, replicate best practices and get ahead of emerging market needs.

These innovations come at the height of the AI gold rush, as Salesforce research indicated that 51% of marketers are already using generative AI, and an additional 22% plan to adopt it.

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