Harte-Hanks Announces Updates To Its Purchase Level Scores Service

Published: September 28, 2012

Harte-Hanks has announced five new enhancements to the Purchase Level Scores (PLS) available through its flagship product, the Ci Technology Database (CiTDB).

The PLS use predictive analytics to score companies based on their likelihood of purchasing a specific technology based on comparisons to businesses which are known to have purchased that same technology. The new updates include PLS information for mobile messaging security, smartphone purchases, digital signage display, data loss prevention and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS).

“As the social-mobile-cloud revolution continues to expand exponentially, so do the opportunities for our clients and other technology solution providers,” said Randy Ilas, GM of Harte-Hanks Market Intelligence, in a company release. “So we are constantly looking at how to provide the best technology intelligence, through products like PLS, to help our customers take advantage of emerging trends.”

According to Ilas, technology marketers use PLS to predict the likelihood and timing of purchase plans in a number of technology categories including computer hardware, software, networking, telecommunications, storage, security, virtualization and IT outsourcing. With the addition of these latest technologies, technology marketers can use PLS to predict purchases for 38 technology goods and services among them desktop virtualization, server virtualization, servers, laptops, desktops, database management services, tape library storage, software-as-a-service, voice-over IP, routers, outsourcing, wireless local area networks and wide area networks.

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PLS is used to score the four million business, education and government locations in the Ci Technology Database based on their propensity to purchase each of these 38 technologies. The models used to score the database are based on approximately 10,000 surveys Harte-Hanks conducts each month as part of its syndicated data collection process. PLS analyses can also be used to score a client’s in-house CRM database and leads from their inbound marketing programs.

“One of the biggest issues facing marketers today is that they have access to an overwhelming amount of information yet they find it difficult to derive insight,” Ilas said. “PLS rankings can help them prioritize and de-prioritize to enable more effective targeted marketing decisions.”

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