Integrate Unveils AI-Driven Insight Engine, ‘Performance Center’

Published: January 30, 2024

Integrate, a B2B marketing demand management platform, released its Performance Center, an AI-driven insight engine created to identify gaps in buying groups, optimize media partnerships and enable a better understanding of cross-channel marketing results.   

According to the company, there are two key features of Performance Center:

  • Identifying gaps in buying groups and gaining insight into buying group behaviors to help identify the accounts that have the most/best buying group coverage; and
  • Leveraging big data and machine learning to create Integrate’s proprietary trust and reliability score for media partners, which is based on an algorithm running on millions of data points that track media partner campaign performance.

“B2B marketers are faced with doing more with less, and doing it faster, and everyone is looking to AI to raise the threshold of what’s possible and accelerate decision-making and productivity,” said Aaron Mahimainathan, Chief Product Officer at Integrate, in a statement. “With millions of data points passing through our platform each month, we’re building AI capabilities from the ground up into our product to enable B2B marketers to make informed decisions so they can deliver more meaningful impact to pipeline, revenue and business outcomes.” 

The release of Performance Center is hot on the heels of the debut of Pipeline360, Integrate’s new media arm that seeks to offer an all-in-one integrated media solution for content syndication, enhanced account intelligence and digital advertising.

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