Meet pharosIQ, The New Company Created From MRP & CONTENTgine’s Merger

Published: April 8, 2024

Following their March 2024 merger, MRP, a global account intelligence provider, and CONTENTgine, a provider of B2B technology buyer insights and lead generation, revealed their joint company’s new name: pharosIQ. The newly minted company seeks to help users create, identify and implement “intent-to-purchase” signals for targeting across full-funnel demand generation solutions, with key features that include:

  • An audience reach of more than 270 million contacts across more than 25 million global companies;
  • Comprehensive first-party data that includes roof-top mobile data, more than 650 product intent categories, engagement from more than 100 branded newsletters and more than 500 thousand monthly B2B asset downloads; and
  • An organic, permission-based audience driven by AI and machine learning to help match targeted content with contacts.

PharosIQ Capabilities

According to the company, pharosIQ is the first provider to offer first-party, permission-based, down-funnel targeting capabilities. PharosIQ’s signal engine is designed to integrate proprietary engagement data from B2B buyer interactions, such as:

  • Down-funnel B2B user engagements across content, as well as content consumption patterns and topic trends;
  • Down-funnel review site engagements that encompass comparison reviews, peer reviews and competitor analyses; and
  • Human-verified intent-to-purchase project confirmation data, including project timelines, budget allocations, buying groups and business needs.

“Our goal is to cut through the intent data noise,” said Chris Rack, CEO of pharosIQ, in a statement. “The combination of our down-funnel intent signals and the full-funnel capabilities of our solutions has put us in the perfect position to evolve into the new company, pharosIQ. It represents an evolution of technology and strategic solutions that will empower B2B technology and services companies to target their customers precisely and efficiently.”

Reported Strategic Advantages

PharosIQ is positioned to become an end-to-end provider that covers the entire B2B technology sales and marketing process, which includes demand generation across all stages of the buyer’s journey, integrated multichannel solutions, proprietary first-party down-funnel intent buying signals and sales pipeline activations. This expansion seeks to speed up entrance into key markets, enhance localized campaigns and boost customer campaigns’ efficiency, accuracy and return on investment. Specifically, the company offers:

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Intent Signal Scale & Diversification

Combining MRP’s first-party intent data with CONTENTgine’s first-party content engagement signals, pharosIQ includes a targeting engine designed to gather millions of B2B audience interactions to generate detailed signals at the location level.

Global Audience Reach

MRP and CONTENTgine’s combined global audiences seeks to provide greater scale across North America; Latin America; Europe, the Middle East and Africa; and Asian-Pacific markets, with a combined reach of more than 270 million contacts across more than 25 million companies.

Product Expansion To Support All GTM Phases

The product suite reportedly helps with digital and offline capabilities at all phases of the B2B buyer journey.

Expanded Global Team Footprint

The combined employee footprint will span five continents and cover 15 languages across North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

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