New Research: 76% Of Marketers Using ABM Experienced Higher ROI In 2020

Published: January 20, 2021

According to new research conducted by the ABM Leadership Alliance and ITSMA, 76% of marketers saw higher ROI with ABM than any other marketing strategy in 2020. Seventy-one percent of B2B organizations saw improved relationships with target accounts, experiencing a 55% increase in generated revenue and 34% increase to their brand and reputation following ABM adoption.

The 2020 ABM Benchmark Study highlighted the impact of account-based efforts on revenue generation, account nurturing and personalization in 2020. The report also stressed the importance of brand building and how ABM can improve account relationships and build a positive brand reputation.

Using insights from more than 400 B2B technology marketers and 24 ABM practitioners, the study indicated that strong sales collaboration, an emphasis on account-level research for deeper insights and focusing on revenue generation to measure ROI are key guidelines for ABM success. The study also highlighted the importance of having agile ABM programs and blended strategies that allow organizations to adapt to an account’s needs and preferences easily, with 48% aiming to adopt a blended strategy in 2021.

“Even during the tremendous disruptions of 2020, ABM continues to prove its value as an essential strategy for B2B growth,” said Rob Leavitt, SVP, Consulting at ITSMA, in a statement. “One of the standout findings was that 76% of respondents reported seeing higher ROI with ABM than with other types of marketing. This speaks to the real potential of account-based marketing, and it’s no surprise that companies are investing even more in ABM now as they look to the continued uncertainty of 2021.”

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