New Research Shows Marketers Struggle With Revenue Operations Success

Published: August 2, 2018

Nearly 60% of marketers say their company does not have a revenue operations team and only 15% are currently building one, according to new research from LeanData and Sales Hacker.

The 2018 State of Revenue Ops report shows that while most marketers (51%) believe there are many reasons to implement a revenue operations team, there continues to be disagreement over how to define it. Forty-five percent of marketers say revenue operations consists of the sales, marketing and customer success teams, while 25% would add operations to the mix and 12% believe it is solely the responsibility of sales.

According to the report, which surveyed more than 1,000 marketing and sales professionals, major challenges to creating a revenue operations team include that business leaders don’t know how to start building a revenue operations team (32%), they are not implementing the right team structure (21%) and they are not sure who should be in charge of the revenue operations team (15%).

“As much as we’ve discussed revenue operations, the consensus just isn’t there yet,” said Maile Johnson, Senior Director of Demand Generation Marketing at LeanData, in a statement. “Most people know what it is, but it’s possible the value is not well defined. This survey shows that that’s a widespread problem. Businesses should be aware that they’re not alone in their difficulties or successes with revenue operations.”

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