PathFactory And Drift Partner To Connect Content Insights With Chatbot Capabilities

Published: December 21, 2018

Content insight and activation platform PathFactory announced a new partnership with conversational marketing and sales platform Drift that aims to improve the buyer journey by bringing content insights and chatbot capabilities together.

Through the integration, PathFactory and Drift customers can add chatbots to their Content Tracks and enable them to trigger based on how much time prospects spend consuming content, how many assets they consume in a single session or when they click on a call to action.

Marketers can also add Drift’s conversational landing pages to Content Tracks and use PathFactory’s Engagement Insights to track which chatbots are used the most, identify content gaps based on customer questions and more.

“It’s only natural that as buyers educate themselves and binge on content, they have questions about the products and services that B2B companies are trying to sell them,” said Mark Opauszky, PathFactory CEO, in a statement. “PathFactory’s integration with Drift is so powerful because it gives those buyers the experience they want and need, while generating a higher volume of high-quality leads that have been warmed up by relevant content and real-time conversations.”

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“We’re excited to partner with PathFactory to deliver the right content and facilitate the right conversations at the right time,” said Jared Fuller, Senior Director of Partnerships at Drift, in a statement. “That’s how innovative businesses serve other businesses today — personalized and on the buyer’s terms.”

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