RollWorks Announces Technology Partner Ecosystem To Help Marketers Improve ABM Strategies

Published: October 8, 2020

RollWorks, an account-based platform, has launched a new technology partner ecosystem, designed to allow marketing and sales teams to orchestrate engagement across multiple channels at scale and improve their account data flow between their marketing tech tools.

Users of the ecosystem can access:

  • An enterprise-caliber personalization and sales orchestration solution from Folloze, enabling marketing and sales to personalize their ABM, sales acceleration and demand generation programs;
  • LeanData‘s account data and insights to automate GTM operations and orchestrate data routing from ABM campaigns;
  • A solution from Opensense that combines email signature ad banners and display ad data, allowing marketers to easily unify a company’s messaging across campaign channels and visualize their impact; and
  • PFL‘s intent data, enabling marketers to deliver personalized direct mail and engaging content that is relevant to a user’s accounts.

By partnering with PFL, LeanData, Opensense and Folloze, RollWorks aims to build a technology ecosystem that can help marketers create better data flow for their account-based strategies and increase ROI.

“RollWorks is deliberate in our partner-first, partner-friendly approach,” said Mike Stocker, VP of Partnerships at RollWorks, in a statement. “Rather than trying to rebuild solutions for every engagement channel, we believe in letting our customers first choose the martech components they prefer for their stacks, and then we partner with those technology market leaders. This approach to integration puts essential account-based marketing tools like the Folloze, LeanData, Opensense and PFL solutions into the hands of marketers in companies of all sizes to create amazing solutions that drive increased ROI.”

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