Salesforce Unveils Revenue Cloud To Help Orgs Enhance Revenue Growth

Published: November 13, 2020

Salesforce has launched Revenue Cloud, a solution designed to help companies connect their sales, operations, partner and finance teams for accelerated revenue growth and improvement across every channel. The solution aims to help organizations to better invest in the channels and methods that drive revenue.

Revenue Cloud is designed to empower revenue teams to:

  • Transform the buying experience through customizable sales channels, allowing customers to navigate across different sales channels with direct sales, partners and digital storefronts;
  • Accelerate new revenue streams by bringing in revenue streams from other cloud services, helping reps handle customer billing and payments on a single platform; and
  • Improve revenue efficiency through an automation dashboard, automatically keeping track of all sales orders, invoices and contract amendments in real-time to provide sales reps with a clear understanding of their buyer relationships.

For more information on the solution, check out this Salesforce blog.

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