Salesformics Builds Marketing, CRM System For Small Businesses

Published: November 8, 2013

Salesformics, a sales and marketing automation solutions provider, has launched its public beta offering that is designed provide small businesses with affordable marketing and sales automation solutions with search engine-like navigation.

The Salesformics solution combines three capabilities into one platform: CRM, which offers lead, account and opportunity management; marketing automation, which includes a click-and-drag workflow system; and dashboarding, which allows company employees to track performance indicators.

Our vision is to create something really special that is going to help smaller businesses compete with those that can currently afford this kind of technology,” Stewart Rogers, Head of Product for Salesformics. “We now need to increase the number of testers in our public beta program to ensure that the product is covering the needs of B2B organizations in the UK, U.S., Canada, Australia and other key territories.”

The solution is designed so that a small business team can use it in “minutes, not after a four-day training course or a certification process,” according to a company press release. At launch, the solution’s initial price is listed at $79 per month.

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