SearchForce Launches Upgrade To Speed Up Implementation Of Paid Search, Social Media Campaigns

Published: February 14, 2013

SearchForce, a provider of performance-based technology for managing paid search and social media campaigns, enhanced its platform to help marketers address the challenges of increasing ROI, speeding implementation and reducing the overhead of day-to-day management.

These enhancements include:

New Auto Campaign Builder Functionality: New capabilities include enhanced keyword generation filters for targeted keyword expansion, an advanced triggering framework to incorporate best practices into automated campaign development and the ability to associate multiple campaign templates with a single feed file.

Improved Portfolio Management: One-click replication allows marketers to easily replicate sophisticated strategies across multiple accounts.

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Time Dimensions & Actionable Labels: Marketers can not only categorize and tag specific labels to campaigns for reporting, but also use them to apply global actions across multiple accounts. For example, advertisers can use labels as filters to apply mass changes to campaign budgets, keyword bids, creative text, URLs and much more.

Creative Scheduling: Fully integrated with actionable labels, this feature allows advertisers to design campaigns and creatives and store them for automated activation on specific start and end dates – offering more fine-tuned control in managing special seasonal and inventory-related promotions.

Direct Call Tracking Integrations: Marketers who rely on tracking online marketing to offline phone sales activities can now access their accounts via a direct API integration.

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