Validity Expands Partner Program To Support Service Provider Growth

Published: December 14, 2022

As part of Validity’s Partner Program relaunch, the data quality and email marketing success solutions provider welcomed The Hunley Group, Admin Within, Data Therapy, Compound Growth Marketing, Provisions Group, AIQUEOUS, Eigen X and B2B Fusion Group as the program’s newest members. Existing members of the program include Platonic Ideal, New Blue Interactive, Reach Marketing and Jarrang.

The Partner Program was created as a strategic initiative created to help email marketers optimize their customer engagement programming and increase email marketing and data management ROI. As part of the program, partners gain access to the full suite of Validity’s products to help them add new revenue streams, make their clients more successful and amplify their brand presence.

“Our partners benefit from the opportunity to add new recurring revenue streams while they offer their customers a more holistic range of email or data-related services,” said Karen Friedrich, SVP of Global Channels at Validity, in an exclusive interview with Demand Gen Report. “Validity’s partners play an essential role in helping our shared customers grow faster by optimizing their email marketing, simplifying their data management and improving their sales productivity.”

The growth of the program further showcases the company’s momentum and continued commitment to the success of its partners and their customers, especially in a time when low-quality data can be a silent killer for businesses, particularly as many industries are reeling from an uncertain global market.

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In fact, Validity’s “2022 State of CRM Data Management” report by Validity found that 44% of respondents estimated that their company loses more than 10% in annual revenue due to poor-quality CRM data. With these latest offerings, users can review data records to better identify and fix issues in their CRM system.

“With the volume of data companies gather and handle in today’s world, data must be consistently cleaned in order to avoid decay,” explained Friedrich. “Different types of dirty data will have different consequences for a business. It is important to clean records on a regular basis to avoid issues escalating. As a part of the Validity Partner Program, businesses gain access to the full suite of Validity products, enabling them to not only navigate the ongoing uncertain economic market but also allowing them to choose the tools that address their overall needs as a business, including clean, accurate data.”

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