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LearnPad Sees A 26x Growth In Marketing-Qualified Lead With Act-On

Act-On-LeapadLearnPad, a provider of educational tablet solutions and digital content, experienced a 26x growth in marketing-qualified leads (MQLs) after implementing cloud-based marketing automation technology from Act-On Software.

LearnPad had already been using an email marketing solution to manage its email campaigns, but lead quality and quantity were not meeting expectations, according to company executives. They needed a more dynamic, responsive marketing engine that could scale quickly and efficiently to their marketing efforts, and could be managed by a small marketing team.

In just two weeks, the LearnPad marketing team launched a ten-step drip email campaign intended to help buyers progress along a nurturing path. Six months following the installation, the marketing department produces more than 700 MQLs a month, compared to the several dozen leads per month with the prior system. In addition, content can be tailored for prospects according to specific actions taken.

“Creating a campaign used to mean needing webmasters and email marketers and database analysts to pull all the pieces together,” said Cody Ward, Marketing Manager at LearnPad. “Now it’s much easier, and much faster.”