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10 Marketing Trends For 2021

As B2B marketers gain a foothold in 2021, they must keep track of ongoing industry trends to stay ahead of the game. This infographic from Liana Technologies highlights 10 different trends, strategies and types of content that have helped B2B marketers get a head start in 2021.

The State Of Email Marketing

Email marketing continues to be a top engagement channel for B2B marketers, with 89% of marketers stating they believe their email marketing strategies are successful. This infographic from Campaign Monitor highlights some statistics about effective email tactics and key metrics for measuring email campaign performance.

B2B Marketing Automation Guide: Integration, Campaign Planning & Key Strategies For Getting The Most Out Of Your Automation Tech

Marketing automation is continuing its decades-long reign as a household name for most B2B marketing organizations — research shows that 75% of marketers are currently using at least onetype of marketing automation. However, experts agree that these platforms still aren’t utilized to their fullest potential, even after all these years. Many marketers still consider marketing automation as something you can…

Conversion Best Practices Toolkit

At a time when customers demand more from their digital interactions with companies across a growing number of communication channels, customer acquisition and retention can be a big challenge. In this toolkit, you'll find a variety of resources to help you identify conversion optimization opportunities throughout the customer journey. Download this toolkit to discover: New ways to think about optimization…

Evolving Persona Thinking To Win More Business

With an average of seven stakeholders involved in a B2B tech purchasing decision and 65% of IT staff's decision-making responsibilities extended beyond their titled scope, B2B marketers need to change their "persona thinking" at multiple levels so they can effectively engage decision-makers and target real opportunities. In this E-book, experts discuss how to use prospect-level intent data to engage buying…

Demand Generation Benchmark Survey Report: B2B Orgs Laser-Focused On ABM & Content Marketing To Engage Audiences Virtually Via Traditional Channels

  The events of 2020 turned most B2B organizations' demand generation strategies on their heads, causing marketers to pivot and reallocate budgets to rely solely on digital engagement. But with a new year ahead, B2B marketing teams are taking the lessons they learned from 2020 and doubling down on what worked. The 2021 Demand Generation Benchmark Study revealed that B2B…

Latest Trends In Social Media Marketing: B2B Vs. B2C

Social media marketing is a totally separate ballgame for B2B orgs. This infographic from Grazitti Interactive highlights the major differences between B2B and B2C social media and identifies which platforms and strategies should aid your B2B social media journey.

Why Is Branding Essential For B2B Sites?

In this age of digital transformation, marketers are relying more on their branded websites to drive growth and increase buyer engagement. This infographic from Commerce Shop highlights key stats on the importance of branding in B2B and how it can influence a buyer’s decision-making process and drive greater sales.

Counting Down The Top 10 B2B Marketing Trends For 2021

With a new year bringing new challenges, marketers are exploring strategies such as referrals, search engine marketing and brand awareness to connect with audiences in 2021. These trends and more are spotlighted in this infographic from SageFrog Marketing Group, based on recent research in the company’s 2021 B2B Marketing Mix…

2021 B2B Marketing Resolutions

When we built out our personal and professional 2020 resolutions, we had no idea what was about to come. The COVID-19 outbreak turned our lives upside down, creating new challenges for us to overcome. For this year’s edition of our annual B2B Marketing Resolutions piece, we asked some of our friends in the B2B community to share what they learned…

Advertiser Checklist For Success: Retargeting

With the start of the new year, leveraging retargeting tactics to get more bang for your marketing efforts and ad spend is important than ever. This infographic from Linkedin includes some tips and best practices for marketers to improve their websites, videos and lead generation forms and create tags to…
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