Demand Gen Report Awards

Exploring The B2B Marketing Galaxy: Uncover New Worlds Of Content Marketing

B2B innovators are looking at content and campaigns through a new lens. This year's Killer Content Award winners are forging a new path beyond the status quo and are making new discoveries in buyer engagement and content experiences. Take a look inside our telescope at these incredible campaigns and explore a new creative galaxy that's not so far, far away.…

2018 B2B Innovator Awards

In our second annual B2B Innovator Awards, we recognize 32 winners across a variety of roles within the marketing community that have formulated innovative approaches to connect, engage and build relationships with their audience. This year's winners showed unique abilities to paint a picture about their brand that spoke directly to buyer needs and pain points — while ultimately tying…

33 Top Brands Take Home Finny Awards For Video, Interactive & More

The winners of this year’s Killer Content Awards (known affectionately as the Finnys) represent the progressive brands that have trekked down the path of discovery to enhance their content and campaigns. Check out this interactive experience to learn more about the awards categories and our 33 winners. Enjoy!

The 2017 Killer Content Awards: Spotlighting Innovative Brands Embracing The New Rules Of Buyer Engagement

The days of product-specific content and marketing "selfies" are long gone. You don't want that, and neither do your buyers. Best-in-class marketers and demand creators know that to capture buyer affection they must create compelling stories and immersive content experiences that inform and empower their audiences. The winners of this year's Killer Content Awards (known affectionately as the Finnys) represent…

The 2016 Killer Content Awards

It has been an exciting year for content marketing. In the 2015 installment of our Killer Content Awards (KCAs), we saw B2B firms invest more time in creating buyer-focused content campaigns that touch each stage of the decision-making journey. Now in 2016, Demand Gen Report is seeing companies bring their content marketing strategies and campaigns to a whole new level. And this…

The 2014 Killer Content Awards

Demand Gen Report’s Third Annual Killer Content Awards recognize organizations that have created cutting-edge content across all channels. Killer content is buyer-centric, social and visual.

The 2013 Killer Content Awards: Powerful Content That Moves Buyers

Demand Gen Report’s Second Annual Killer Content Awards recognize organizations that have created cutting-edge content across digital and physical channels. This report provides a behind-the-scenes look at the content creation process of the top 10 “Great White” winners and 10 “Mako honorees, outlining the objectives, development strategies and key metrics for success.