CXO Conversations: Reachdesk Co-Founder/CRO On Modern Direct Mail, Anti-Swag

Published: January 24, 2022

Welcome back to Demand Gen Report’s CXO Conversations, a video interview series that provides our audience with insider access to C-suite executives from some of the top B2B brands, as well as the hottest companies in the martech community.

For the latest installment, host Klaudia Tirico takes a virtual trip across the pond to London, where Reachdesk Co-founder and CRO Alex Olley sits down with her to talk about modern gifting and direct mail strategies and campaigns. Reachdesk is a direct marketing platform provider that aims to help companies deliver moments that matter at scale. The pair discuss everything from how direct mail and gifting have evolved since the pandemic hit, to the idea of “anti-swag” at events. Plus, Olley shares tons of great and sustainable direct mail campaign ideas that wow buyers at all stages of their buying journeys.

Tune in to hear how to:

  • Keep your direct mail and event swag sustainable;
  • Stand out from the digital noise by thinking about gifting in a smarter way;
  • Leverage direct mail and gifting to drive attendance and engagement to hybrid experiences — pre-, during- and post-event;
  • Personalize the experience to make a meaningful impact; and
  • Much more!
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